Friday, October 15, 2010

The New Prairie

I have been sheepishly stalling in writing this first post. My fears are many when it comes to producing, yet another public artifact of self. But enough of that already. I shall set it aside and embrace the contemporary notion of sharing the little nothings of our day to days with folks we will probably never even break bread with in the most casual, real-life sense. Yet we are blessed with ability of connections unlike any other period of history. And so... I simply want a little place to share some thoughts, ideas and affection for vintage and antique treasures (in general and from my Etsy shop) and perhaps some literary veins (I'm an English major, I can't help it).

I picked the name for my shop because Prairie is just a word I love and a place I am drawn too, in spite of my limited experience with it. Perhaps it's my pint of Native American blood, that apparently is the Black Foot Tribe sort. They lived on the plains. So maybe openness of space is just in my blood. That's a lovely thought: that landscape can be intrinsically part of us. Anyhow, the words 'Some Other' come from the nature of antiques. They are items that represent some one else's life, or several other lives. They speak to us of some other time, some other life, some other precious part of human history.

At fist I was using a portion of the painting "Christina's World" by Andrew Wyeth for my banner. I wasn't sure if that was allowed, though my husband assured me it wasn't. I was eager to get the site going and ignored his confident knowledge in copy right infringement issues. In the end though, I decided to change it. I wanted to make my own little prairie, with me and my two girls Maggie and Jane. My husband was happy to assist, relieved I think, to avoid any possible squawking from the Wyeth camp. Below are some photos from out little banner shoot  and some new treasures that I'm going to be adding to my site over the next few days.

So that was my sweet little family.

And here are some new treasures I'm excited about posting.

If you somehow ended up on the blog from my Etsy page and happen to like poetry and literature, I'm thinking about doing a poem or  literary quote of the day sort of thing. Let me know what you think.